Smooth Brome

Smooth Brome

Medium Allergenicity

Pollen Type: Grass

Cross-Reactivity: Northern Grasses

HS Allergy Extract: Brome, Smooth

Family: Poaceae

Genus/Species: Bromus inermis

Common Names: Brome

Distribution: Found especially from Minnesota and northern Kansas westward to Washington and Oregon.

Locations: Smooth Brome is cultivated for hay, pasture, and revegetation after fire. It’s also found in moist, wooded areas and in roadside ditches.

Pollination Method: Wind-pollinated, self-compatible.

Pollinating Period: Spring into Summer

Description: Smooth Brome is an upright perennial grass growing 1’-4’ tall from creeping rootstalks (rhizomes). The smooth blades are 1/4″-1/2” wide, with a soft “m” shaped indentation. The panicle, or flower cluster growing on the end of the branch, is 4”-9” long and has curled branches. The panicle spreads when in flower and is thin at maturity. The flower spikelets are roundish, 3/4″-1” long, and are awnless or have very short awns, which are hair or needle like appendages. Smooth Brome is drought intolerant and produces abundant growth. It blooms during hot afternoons in June and early July.

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Smooth Brome