Reed Canary

Reed Canary Grass

Medium Allergenicity

Pollen Type: Grass

Cross-Reactivity: Northern Grasses

HS Allergy Extract: Timothy, Redtop

Family: Poaceae

Genus/Species: Phalaris arundinacea

Common Names: Reed Canary Grass

Distribution: Found in most U.S. states except TX, LA, MS, GA, FL, SC.

Locations: Reed Canary Grass is found along lakes, streams, and in wet open areas throughout the west, north, and northeastern United States.

Pollination Method: Self or wind-pollinated

Pollinating Period: Spring into Summer

Description: Reed Canary Grass is a perennial bunchgrass with stems that can grow over 6’ tall. It spreads through creeping rootstalks (rhizomes). Its blades are typically green but can differ in color variations. The panicle, or loose branch which contains the seed heads (flowers), can grow over 11” long. The flower spikelets are light green, often with darker green or purple streaks.

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Reed Canary