Pollen Type: Weed

Cross-Reactivity: Lamb’s Quarters

HS Allergy Extract: Kochia

Family: Chenpodiaceae

Genus/Species: Kochia scoparia ssp. scoparia

Common Names: Kochia, Burning Bush

Distribution: Widespread in central and western U.S., especially Plains states; spreading both eastward and westward.

Location: Kochia is found in the desert, pastures, roadsides, gardens, ditch banks, and other disturbed sites. It can grow in areas with as little as 6 inches of rainfall.

Pollination Method: Self-pollinated; moderate rate of pollination via wind and bee.

Pollinating Period: June-September

Description: Kochia was once a popular bushy annual that was planted ornamentally because of its compact, pyramidal shape and the striking red color in late summer and early fall. Where it has become naturalized, it loses its shape and red color and is a vigorous, invasive weed, growing up to 6’ tall. Kochia produces an average of 15,000 seeds which are dispersed when it breaks off at the base, becoming a tumbleweed. Kochia produces considerable pollen. Due to the active migration of this plant, its importance in hay fever is expected to increase in additional regions. Kochia is cross reactive with Lamb’s Quarters, Greasewood, and Beet.

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