Medium Allergenicity

Pollen Type: Other

Cross-Reactivity: Cat, Dog

HS Allergy Extract: AP Horse Hair and Dander

Family: Equidae

Genus/Species: Equus caballus

Common Names: Horse

Distribution: Throughout the United States.

Description: The horse, or domestic horse, is a sizable hooved mammal. Most horses in the United States are domesticated, although some live in the wild and are free-roaming. Size and lifespan vary depending on breed. Exposure can produce allergy symptoms that range from minor to severe, including anaphylaxis. Up to 5% of the U.S. population is allergic to horsehair, dander, or a combination of both. Horse allergies are considered “hidden allergies” because people can be exposed to horse dander secondhand. Horses can also carry environmental pollens and allergens on their fur which can trigger allergies.

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