Eastern Dog Fennel

Eastern Dog Fennel

Low Allergenicity

Pollen Type: Weed

Cross-Reactivity: None

HS Allergy Extract: Dog Fennel, Eastern

Family: Asteraceae

Genus/Species: Eupatorium capillifolium

Common Names: Dog Fennel, Dogfennel

Distribution: Florida to the coasts of Massachusetts.

Locations: Severely disturbed areas, burned areas, roadsides.

Pollination Method: Wind-pollinated

Pollinating Period: Summer into Fall, depending on latitude & elevation

Description: Dogfennel is a perennial herbaceous weed native to the eastern and south-central United States. It grows 19″-78″ tall and has several stems that fork from a large base. The stems and base are covered in leaves that are divided and resemble branching green threads coming out of the stem in broken patterns. When crushed, the leaves and flowers have an unpleasant smell. Dogfennel tends to thrive in areas that have been disturbed, including roadsides, fields, reduced tillage crops, and areas that have burned.

Eastern Dog Fennel