American Elm

American Elm

Medium Allergenicity

Pollen Type: Tree

Cross-Reactivity: All Elms

HS Allergy Extract: American Elm; Chinese Elm (Cross-reactive)

Family: Ulmaceae

Genus/Species: Ulmus americana

Common Names: American Elm, White Elm

Distribution: Native to most of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains. Commonly planted as an ornamental in the Northern and Eastern States. Occasionally planted in the Western States.

Locations: The species is found in a variety of habitats including bottomlands, alluvial flats, margins of streams, ponds, swamps, and lakes, and on moist fertile slopes and uplands. It grows well with other hardwoods.

Pollination Method: Predominantly wind-pollinated

Pollinating Period: March & April, February in the South.

Description: The American Elm is considered one of the most beautiful trees native to the U.S., reaching 100’ or more. The slender trunk usually divides into numerous upright limbs at 30’-40’ to form a graceful, round-topped tree. Flowering occurs before the leaf buds open, but the flowers are small and hard to see on clusters of slender, drooping base stalks (pedicels) about 1” long. Clusters of winged fruit ripen as the leaves unfold.

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American Elm